Refund Policy

Our Refund Policies has been formulated to characterize the circumstances under which Alet India Softwares will process the refund of the project, the procedure for asserting a refund is the sole duty of Alet India Softwares in conditions bringing about such a case. By enrolling for any of our administrative services, you are proclaiming that you acknowledge and agree with all the terms and conditions laid out in the refund policy.

At Alet India Softwares, we initially freeze the scope of the project with multiple meetings and brain storming over the business plan that first party referred as client shares with Alet India softwares (AIS) and then take approvals over the same, before we could actually jump towards accepting payment of the project, Only after finalizing scope of work and signing/approval over contract papers of the project. We proceed to raise invoices and accept payment for the same.

Our final aim before we proceed to file Refund/cancellation of the project is to have a thorough discussion regarding the issues or problem faced in the project and reach out a common ground to resolve the same, Although if the issues still persists I would request you to email us over [email protected] so that we can have a final dialogue. Only after we could not conclude to a common ground after all these discussions a refund claim will be filed.

Eligibility for Refund:

  1. Only if the claim is done within 12 hours of processing the payment of the project.
  2. Only if the project is not processed to development team.
  3. Only if no development work has been done over the project.
  4. Only if payment is not processed to any third party who are directly or indirectly related to the project.


If the client fulfills all the Refund criteria then payment will be remitted to the first party account only after deducting 35% of the total payment made as a cancellation charge (excluding transaction cost to the initiate refund) to process the transactions between the companies.

Alet India softwares declines all the cancellations/Refund filed while the project is under development and in any case if the claim is made for under development project it would be settled by fixing bugs or issues shared by the client which completely depends on mutual agreement and scope of work freezed before initiating the development. However, under exceptional situation Alet India Softwares would not return the paid amount although it can be settled in some other projects that client wishes to be developed.

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